Julie Conway
Glass artist,  Lighting Designer,  Founder BioGlass.Org   
"As a contemporary designer, I believe that we need rapid and creative responses to the current human and environmental challenges by introducing innovative ideas that apply to our interconnected world communities."

The LUMi Collection utilizes recycled glass, a zero carbon footprint glass furnace, recuperated fuel furnaces,  low-energy LED solutions, & reclaimed metal components. 
Adding a layer of environmental appreciation and reclaimed materials to product elevates it to tell a story and enhance design of a space. 
Working in collaborations with artisans from many world cultures,
the LUMi Collection features handmade, elemental design objects, made with integrity, and honoring timeless traditions while utilizing sustainable techniques in glassmaking, fabric dying, and other crafts.  

Julie is the creator of Illuminata Art Glass Design LLC, a Seattle-based studio with a focus on illuminated glass installations and functional glass lighting.   My intent as an artist/designer is to reveal phenomenon of light refracting and reflecting through glass, and therefore impacting the experience of public and private spaces, transforming the environment.

Green energy is not a fad for me, but a lifestyle.  Having lived “off-the-grid” in 2 locations, driven my car with a hydrogen generator, participated in the United Nations’ World Environment Day, and currently I live in a Green-Built Certified home in Seattle.  You will often see me in the back of industrial buildings’ dumpsters salvaging metal components for my high-end design lighting installations. 

  LUMi has a new partnership with a studio utilizing100% recycled glass with a zero-carbon footprint furnace fueled by vegetable oil. 

Julie is a founding member of, (2006) originally a non-profit, now educational group to help glass artists create eco-efficient glassmaking solutions.