LUMI Collection designed by Julie Conway, 
artist and founder of Illuminata Art Glass Design

Julie is an award-winning designer & artist, with a studio dedicated to offering bespoke, luxurious custom lighting & sculptural art glass installations 

In 2019,  the LUMi Collection was launched by Julie encompassing her ready-made handblown glass lighting, table lamps, glassware, textiles & furnishings.  Julie's green lifestyle and dedication to creating beautiful things is combined in her recycled glass and sustainable textiles collections.  

Each piece comes with a signature, original stamp indented into the glass or printed into the textiles.  Creating a customizable ready-made product with artisan standards. 

Julie loves spending time in nature in the Pacific Northwest, speaks 4 languages, and travels the world.  

Julie is also the founder of BioGlass.org, dedicated to the development of renewable and bio-sustainable fuel sources to produce glass, thereby helping to protect the environment and the future existence of glass arts.